In every home, there are certain details that create an atmosphere of comfort, beauty and elegance.

Flagstone Shelf: A popular local material, used for everything from floors to walls to shelves. At left, a flagstone shelf in an owner's entry, beautiful and functional. Curved Walls:This wall is inspired by a trip to Sri Lanka, where there was a “mirror” wall, curving along the path to a mountain fortress to protect those within.
Plastered Arches: Plaster color can be subtle or vibrant. Here the walls are a burnt orange but the inside of the arch itself is deep yellow, to accentuate the beauty of the form. "Anaszazi" Stone: Stacked stone of differing patterns in honor of the first inhabitants of the region and their beautiful stacked stone.
Nicho: Thickened walls in Santa Fe has made a tradition of nichos within which sculpture, santos, birds’ nests, bowls — whatever you wish — are displayed. Trellis: The perfect Southwest element, it can be layered with latillas or other materials to make a “roof” or left open to the sky, like this trellis in a cobalt-blue courtyard.
Transitions: a stone column marking the “corner” between a living room and a dining area, which is further delineated by the mosaic stone band breaking up an expanse of bamboo floor. Entryways: The outer door to this "zaguan" or "throat" is a door-within-a-door, a fourteenth century Spanish castle gate purchased at one of the many vendors of old doors in Santa Fe.