Santa Fe has its own unique language of architectural terms, many of which refer to the materials that give a home the character known as “Santa Fe Style." Below is a pictorial glossary. While a few of the elements noted below don’t refer to an actual material, they are part of the local building lingo, good to know if you are building here or even if you are just visiting.

Adobe: Mud brick mixed with straw and other addititves to make a building block; usually 14” x 10” x 4”. May be used in double or triple courses Banco: A built-in seat or bench, plastered to match the wall of which it is a part
Corbel: Both structural and beautiful, the corbel in Santa Fe can have a variety of profiles, both traditional and modern Kiva: A traditional corner fireplace with a quarter curve front and rounded fireplace opening
Latillas: 1-3” diameter saplings used in ceilings Plaster: Finishing for the walls.
Portal: A long porch Vigas: Characterized by rounded edges, orgainic forms, viga joists and columns, & stone and plaster detailing